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Dr Katherine Hayden researches how host diversity at a landscape scale can change disease dynamics, and drive rapid evolution in plant pathogens. Her work has focused on host-pathogen interactions in Phytophthora ramorum, in the poplar-poplar rust pathosystem, and on the Phytophthora austrocedri outbreak in the UK. Read more about her work

Dr Stephan Helfer’s research is on the taxonomy and systematics of plant pathogenic fungi, mainly concentrating on rusts and powdery mildews. One of his aims is to publish an account of the Uredinales of Europe, including a field guide. Recently he carried out a successful pilot study in molecular systematics of European rusts of the genus Coleosporium from herbarium specimens. Dr Helfer oversees plant quarantine at RBGE.

William Hinchliffe is an expert Arborist and Senior Horticulturist responsible for the Arboretum at the RBGE. He represents the Botanics on the Sustainable Forest Management Group and the International Plant Sentinel NetworkHe is actively involved in the Scottish Branch of the Arboricultural Association and represents the association on the Scottish Tree Health Advisory Group. 

Dr Jo Taylor’s research is associated with the PROTREE collaboration, a project aiming to secure long term tree health through research on the ecology and evolution of tree species and their pests and pathogens. Dr Taylor’s work centres on the diversity of fungal communities found inside the leaves and needles of healthy trees, and how these communities might reduce trees’ susceptibility to diseases such as Dothistroma Needle Blight in Scots pine.



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