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General interest

The Forestry Commission pest alertsTree pests and diseases information pages, guidance on biosecurity, and Forest Research pages

Forestry Commission Scotland and how to protect our forests by keeping it clean

Observatree early warning system for tree health: information about major forest threats in the UK, how to recognise them, and how citizen science can help

Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture

Royal Horticulture Society

Botanic Gardens Conservation International’s International Plant Sentinel Network

UK Plant Health Risk Register

The British Mycological Society

American Phytopathological Society featured stories on plant health

AshTag citizen science project to track and identify dieback-resistant ash trees

Don’t Move Firewood, a U.S.-based organisation with information and games toward preventing the spread of forest pests

Scientific resources

Phytophthora-ID a resource for the identification of Phytophthora species and genotypes using BLAST and R, from the Grünwald lab. Includes isolation and sequencing protocols.

The very useful Diagnostician’s Cookbook from Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health at the University of Georgia




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